Alf Garnett Street?

Originally called Alf Ramsey, the surname was changed in deference to the England football manager, also Alf Ramsey, who guided England to the World Cup victory a month after the first series began.

Writer Johnny Speight turned his Alf into Garnett after Garnet Street in Wapping - where Til Death Us Do Part was set.

Dennis Main Wilson, the Producer, explained how they found the location from a helicopter, and why it had to be filmed in Wapping;

"Looking for an area which would encompass all the location sequences, the area as we were going to describe. And it had to have a bit of a playing field, a pub round the comer, a church not too far away. It had got to be near the docks, got to be near the river. It had to be in Wapping High Street if possible. So we did that. And we then persuaded them to let us go back to opposite Big Ben, and I said to the pilot when I say go split us from opposite Big Ben to the end of Wapping High Street, where it becomes a dog leg and becomes Garnett Street, where the cement Silo is. He got that and we did it in one minute 23 seconds which is brilliant because it's one minute 43 for Big Ben to strike the hour and chime 11, and that was the opening titles if you remember. That was that."

Watch the opening title sequence here:

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